Zinc Overload

I have self-diagnosed that I’ve been taking “toxic” levels of zinc. Not by a lot, but enough that I believe some problems I’ve been having are directly related to a zinc overdose. I take nutritional supplements & zinc is one I’ve been swallowing for years to promote healthier skin, hair & a beefed-up immune system. Well…I used to break a pill in half for every day consumption. For whatever reason, I really can’t remember, I quit breaking that pill in half and started taking the whole thing which is 50 mg. AND my daily Centrum already has 11 mg of zinc in it which now equals 61 mg a day. Too much for the average person. Approximately 15 mg a day is fine, up to maybe 40 mg a day. At the 40 mg point and above a person is starting to get zinc toxicity. Now, I’m sure there are people standing by to argue all of this with me. I’m not a doctor, so I’m just going by about 6 different places I researched on the net, basically saying the same thing. You ask – what symptoms was I having? Well, the excess zinc in my body can create an iron deficiency…which then I believe probably caused the funky ridges on my nails, made me shed hair like a cat and gave me belly problems. Today is Day One with taking a WAY reduced amount of zinc. How’s that for a little health talk?!

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