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I’m fully involved in the Camp NaNoWriMo virtual writing challenge. This will be short. If it is too long, you should crack the whip and yell at me and say, “Bad Gina! Get back to writing. August is only so long and you need to work on that book!”

Fast fingers!

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It’s been rough. I won’t lie. I tend to write and edit at the same time. Which can be good and bad. Good in that once it’s finished, little editing needs done, which feels awesome! Bad in that editing (which I call revising, too) as I write the book (paragraphs and scenes, etc.) sucks up an incredible amount of time. That is time I desperately need to write and FINISH the book (or at least the 50,000 words per month challenge with Camp NaNoWriMo) by the end of August.

I’m still psyched. I am writing and I am getting something accomplished. Which is better than the dry spell I’ve had of late. So I’m not trying to beat myself up…too much. 🙂

I have word and chapter and page goals as a guide. It hangs 4 feet in front of me right now. I do not have writer’s block, thankfully, but am so critical with trying to make everything “sound right” and make it the best I can. I realize I cannot work this way if I’m attempting an actual writing challenge and am trying to just let it flow – let the words fly out of my brain and on the page and don’t worry about mistakes or picking a “better” word or improving the sentence structure, etc.

It’s difficult. But that’s why this IS a challenge, right?! It’s not supposed to be easy!

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Some info about Rocked – A Chelsie Valdar Saga – 1:
>It’s written in first person, like my other books.
>A difference – it’s written in present tense, not past tense. You are living the experience with Chelsie.
>It’s present day, not 20 years in the past or future.
>The short synopsis: A modern-day Viking warrior chick, fighting for her best chance at survival with The Apocalypse approaching and a Bigfoot stalking her.

Writing in present tense has been very difficult for me. Another challenge…but getting easier the more I write.

And I bumped into a reader fan the other day at Walmart. She asked when the next book is coming out! She wrote notes on the first two to help her keep track of things (Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series-Book 1 & Scent-2). And is waiting to find out what happens next to Kara, Daniel, Dominic and the rest of the gang. I explained I’m actually writing a different series at the moment but will hop back to the Werewolf Series next. That pumped me up – reader loyalty and anticipation. Nice.

So, enough ranting and rambling. Back to typing many, many WORDS for the next novel!

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