Why Do We Love Our Pets So Much?

If you have a cat or dog or any other kind of pet, I’m sure you can relate to this fun, heartwarming post. Admit it. You really do love your pet, don’t you? He/she is a part of your family. You might even love your furry friend (or feathered or whatever…for the sake of this post, I’ll stick with pets with fur like dogs and cats) more than you do many humans. Yep, some of you are nodding in agreement.


That adorable cat photo you’re gazing at happens to be my baby Jessie. I tell her daily how much I love her. I don’t know why, but I suddenly have tears in my eyes right now. She wandered into my yard almost two years ago. She was starving, thin, unique looking with her tortoiseshell features and craving attention. 

I fed her.
And we all know what happens after that. Stray animals tend to stick around when they know where the food is. She didn’t disappear and so I fed her some more. I felt so sad and sorry for her. She was obviously tame, showing little fear towards my husband and me, and rubbed against our legs just meowing her sweet heart out. Someone must’ve dumped her. 
I tried for 5 WEEKS to find her a new home. NO one wanted a stray female cat. And I knew she had a problem with her ears and probably had worms. 
After one night when we heard a coyote howling and worried about the cat’s safety, my husband finally said to bring her into the house. If we were really going to end up with her, she wasn’t staying outside. On October 9, 2011 Jessie joined our family.
She has been wonderful (knock on wood). If anyone knows who Jackson Galaxy is (Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell”), he would be so proud of her behavior and love her personality…and probably try tucking her under his arm and zip out the door with her to keep her for himself!
And in case you’re wondering…the VERY next day after making her our official housecat, I took her to the vet. She was checked for feline diseases (all ok), got her shots, was spayed the next day, received meds for earmites and both tape & round worms. Whew!
Here are the things I love about Jessie: when she curls around my head on the pillow (cat hat!), when she falls asleep on my chest, precious head bumps, kneading my leg or tummy with intense focus (make sure blanket protects skin!), chasing the string and somersaulting when she stops too fast, zipping up her cat tower and gazing down at me, galloping down the hall like a dog or stomping across the floor (not very stealthy cat!), allowing me to kiss her head (many times in a row), when she curls on her back with her legs partially up and wants/allows me to rub her belly, listening to her trill and “talk” to me (which is often – love it when I enter a room and she looks up and trills as if to say, “Hi! I’m here. See me?”) and I love the rare instances when she’s super relaxed, purring, eyes half closed, on her side, I’m rubbing her with my face inches from her face and she reaches out with her front paws and cradles/holds my face. How freaking sweet can you get?!
Pets are a responsibility. No doubt. They do take time, effort, care and money. They do have “their days” or moments when everything isn’t so peachy. And we humans will get aggravated with them on those occasions.
But looking at the big picture – it’s so worth it. I’ve had pets most of my life and loved each one dearly. They are precious little (or big) beings that love us unconditionally. Now…go hug your cat or dog 🙂
Jessie-before she officially became our housecat-begging for love.
Can you relate? Please post your own comments!
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