Where Do You Read Books?

Where Do You Read Books?
Yes, books can be read just about anywhere. Especially now that we have those wonderful gadgets – the ereaders. Have you noticed how the prices on ereaders has dropped drastically over the last two years? Eh, that’s normal for any new technology though. 
Just like laptops…OMG! I remember just a few years ago when a laptop with average features hovered around $2,200! And now an everyday basic laptop, or if you prefer to call it a notebook computer, runs about $500. Thankfully!
Anyway…I started thinking of all the places I have read books – both the physical, hold-in-your-hands-paper-type of books and the ebooks on ereaders. I bought my first ereader two years ago. It was a Nook. One and a half years later (this past December) I was given a Kindle as a birthday gift. Nothing was wrong with the Nook, but it seems it has been set aside as I use the Kindle instead.
Where was I? Too many shiny things are distracting me…
I read books in all the normal places – like on my kitchen chair, the couch, the bed. Although rarely on the bed. Too uncomfortable for me.  On the couch, I might sit to read or many times during the evening I’ll lie down and prop the book on a pillow on my chest/stomach. That position can lead to falling asleep though, and either type of book sliding off your pillow, which leads to you jerking violently and nearly dropping the book or ereader on the floor. Not good for an ereader to hit the floor and with a regular book you immediately lose your place. That sucks.
I always read while walking on the treadmill. This works fantastic with an ereader as you do not have to hold the book open. Just reach over every little bit to press a button for the next page. Ahhh… so nice! I’ve read quite a few books on my treadmill! And I’ve never tripped, fallen off the edge, bumped the ereader off the little platform it sits on, and have no problem concentrating on the story.
I love sitting outside to read. Just not when it’s over 90 degrees or under 70 degrees. And no rain, of course. And a gentle breeze is super nice. When it’s on the cooler end of those temps, I’ll sit out back in the sun on a patio chair. I don’t even bother using the fat cushions it came with. Grab a beach towel, throw it on the rubbery bands and I’m good to go. If it’s hotter, I head out the front door and sit on a worn-out park bench on my porch in the shade. My butt hurts after a while, though. That wood on the bench is not too comfy.
I read while traveling in a vehicle. As a passenger – NOT the driver! Most of the time, I’m lucky that I don’t get that seasick feeling in a moving vehicle. Unless my husband is whipping around curves and driving up and down hills like a maniac as if we’re on a roller coaster. Just thinking of that scenario makes my stomach churn slightly and I feel a tad dizzy.
A few rare times I’ve taken a blanket out under a tree and read a book. But a bird crapping on the blanket once, ants crawling on my legs and the wind blowing my blanket up and down too many times frustrated me and…well, needless to say, I can’t recall the last time I sat under a tree reading anymore. Sad.
I’ve never read a book in the bathtub though. And I definitely wouldn’t try it…either the ereader would fall into the water and fry or a physical book would get wet and I’d be mad. I like to take very good care of my books!
What about you? Do you have a favorite or unusual place that you read books? And do you read more paper books or ebooks?

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