What’s Happening? or Go Away! (Posting Frequency)

Finding that perfect balance with how often an author should post messages is a tough one. Fans/Friends/Followers/Family (now isn’t that weird all the “f”s?!) will either wonder if we crawled into a hole and died if we don’t give status updates often – or – the complete opposite and wish we’d just shut up and quit rambling about every little thing.

It’s an awkward moment as I sit at my computer and contemplate whether I should mention the antics of the stray cat I adopted (hiding under the bed & me shaking a coffee can of pennies while firmly yelling at it that it should not be under there *shake shake shake can*)  or anything else in my personal life.

Concerning my writing life, I have to be cautious I don’t give away spoilers or too much detail about the current work in progress. I’d love to chat about the chapter I’m presently writing, but how much is too much information and ruins the story for future reading? Ah, such a dilemma.

I’ve researched many authors to see what they do with their social networking and marketing, both in frequency of posting and what type of content they post. Well, nothing is set in stone it seems. Obviously there is a difference between fiction and non-fiction writers, too. The non-fiction authors can dish out their knowledge pertaining to the subject they wrote about…kind of like being an expert with that material/in that field. Some authors rarely post; others post every day and sometimes many times within one day. That goes for both fiction and non-fiction.

I do feel that posting too frequently creates a negative effect on F/F/F/F (remember the 4 “f”‘s above), as they will barely skim over or completely skip/delete the posting and/or think Sheesh-does this girl ever shut up? Whereas a posting every few days would hopefully throw a spotlight on me and have them think Hey-There’s a post from Gina. Haven’t read anything from her lately. Wonder what’s up?

So, anything in particular you want me to talk about? Questions, comments, concerns?

Hmm…I’m listening to Pink right now and wondering why my iPod is occasionally making some songs “skip”. The new cat hates vacuum cleaners but has done well with litter box training. And I’m working on Chapter 5 in my latest novel – a paranormal thriller, urban fantasy, young-adult story. The word “Bigfoot” is in the title and it has other beings thrown in the mix, too. I’d love to tell you more about it, but every time I start to type something, I hit “delete” as I worry I’m leaking out details that I shouldn’t be divulging. How’s that for “what’s happening?”

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