What Summer TV Shows Are YOU Watching?

During the summer months I do not watch nearly as many TV shows as I do in the fall/winter season. This is likely true for you, too.

I always have mixed feelings when all my favorite fall/winter programs air their finales in spring. There is this sadness, like a weird type of withdrawal, knowing I won’t be able to watch these shows for MONTHS. Premieres usually fire up September through November and that is just so far away. I actually FORGET (how dare I?!) some of the highlights of what happened in the previous season. I appreciate when show makers give us a quick review to jog our overloaded brains right before the new premiere starts.

In the meantime…I do manage to find several summer shows to entertain me. Of course, the majority fall under my genre of writing. But not all.

Here are my summertime TV shows:

“Defiance” – not really considered a summer show, but it’s still airing new stuff for another week. And hey-we ARE in July now! Love the characters, interesting aliens, location in St. Louis (right next to me), many mysteries, great alien makeup, very cool how there’s the matching video game. What IS Irisa and how is she connected with that gold thingy?

“Under the Dome” – definitely caught my attention. It IS Stephen King! Wow-talk about mysteries and questions and a “Lost” feel to it. What is with the propane tanks?! And who or what created the dome over the city? What was that dude Barbie wanting from the doctor (the reporter’s husband) and ends up killing him over it (although it seemed sorta accidental)? Why did a couple of those teenagers collapse and mutter “the stars are falling in line”?

“Teen Wolf” – I’ve been watching this since it started in 2011, and have sometimes had a hard time staying awake. But the actors and the storyline kept me hanging in there. Scott, the main character, looks better with his latest haircut this year. Everyone has really fallen into a wonderful rhythm with their acting and the character Stiles is hilarious!

“My Cat From Hell” – with Jackson Galaxy. A one hour episode with two different cat behavior problems explored and basically resolved. Love it. I think I cry every week – but it’s usually happy, relieved, good feeling tears. I want all those cat toys he has!

“True Blood” – Holy cow! Or vampire, werewolf, shifter, demon, fairy, ghost, who knows! Constant shocks, lots of story lines (sometimes too many to keep track of), superb acting, the regular actors are so at ease with their characters making them believable and uber fun to watch, humor thrown in (Andy, Jason, Lafayette), hunky guys (Jason, Eric, Alcide, Bill, Sam), strong female characters (Sookie, Jessica, Pam, Tara)…And now we have the beginnings of a war between the humans and the vampires (and perhaps other supernaturals if they are found out). I’m already hyper-ventilating!

OK…those are the main shows I’m watching now. Sometimes I’ll catch these:
“America’s Got Talent”
“American Pickers”
“Pawn Stars”
“Ghost Hunters”
“Paranormal Witness”

What are YOU watching this summer? Feel free to comment!

That is all…

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  1. Kriss Morton says:

    Under the Dome and Falling Skies!

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