What is a Great Read?

What is a Great Read?
The answer to that question will vary tremendously from one person to another. Of course the phrase, “a great read”, refers to an awesome book you loved reading. Most readers have several answers, not simply one reason that makes a book stand out as a winner for them. 
Here is my list of what makes a great read specifically for me. They are in NO particular order.  I’m sure you’ll nod your head in agreement with some of my answers. Very likely, your favorite books will come to mind as I trigger memories from those stories. Isn’t that cool how certain books will do that to you?!
A great read for me is when/if:

>>I “feel” for the characters, especially the main character (usually the protagonist). 

>>I continue to think about or replay scenes from the book after I’ve stopped reading and have gone on to do something else. 
>>I worry about the characters. I’m concerned with what is going to happen to them.
>>A sad or horrific, emotional scene makes me cry, then thumbs up! I WANT a sad point in the story to make me cry. 
>>A funny moment makes me chuckle or smile.
>>A frightening moment makes me tense up, my heart race and I feel like I’m about to explode. 
>>A sexual moment makes me…well, you get the point… 
>>I hate to put the book/ereader down. I want to keep reading (even if I know I must take care of something else: go to bed, eat, pee, etc.). 
>>I get upset when my husband interrupts my reading, and then I have to re-read the last few sentences to get back into the scene. 
>>I usually read two books at once. Never used to do this until about a year ago when I decided to read my ereader while walking on the treadmill. And I have a paper book sitting on the coffee table, but not always. I’ve really made a switch to ebooks over the last two years. Anyway, during free time (which isn’t often) I can choose between the story I’m reading on the ereader or the paper book. Whichever one I choose over and over again, is definitely considered the better (good) read between the two. 
>>I “try” to keep reading during commercial breaks of a show I’m watching. 
>>I fantasize or visualize myself as one of the characters or even just an “extra” who is experiencing whatever is occurring in the story.
>>I’m so into completely understanding the story, certain points, whatever, that I re-read sections to make sure everything sinks in (I have ADHD – so I tend to have to do this often anyway). 
>>I can visualize locations, scenery, places as if I’ve actually been there. But – I do not like when an author overloads you with details about anything. I will skip or skim that part of the page.
>>I’ve finished the book and am filled with delight but at the same time I feel depressed, lonely, empty inside…and it’s NOT because the book was bad (obviously – if I also feel happy), but because it was awesome and I will miss reading it, miss the people (characters), and am wishing the story wouldn’t end. For the books that are part of a series, I will eagerly seek out the next one (or make a note about a future release), providing I hadn’t just finished the last one!

What do you consider a great read? Do you prefer series or stand-alone books? Do you read more than one book at a time? I’d love to hear from you!
2 comments on “What is a Great Read?
  1. I agree with much of your list. I would add, that I would love the characters to be real so I can be friends with them. Or knock some sense into them, as the case may be. I don’t really care if books are stand-alone or series, as long as they’re good.

    BTW, I have a Leibster award waiting for you on my site. 🙂

    • Carrie-thanks for commenting!! I agree w/you…I’ve had people tell me that about the characters in my books – that they seem so real to them & wish they WERE real…which is also why the readers get so attached and care for the characters so deeply. Awesome! Hopping over to your site now:)

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