Werecat Lore According to Jessie Bastet

Hi, I’m Jessie Bastet. I’m a werecat. And I’ll be blog-jacking Gina Marie Long‘s website today. Oh, there’s a character in her latest young adult book (“Rocked”) who is based on me! Pretty cool, huh? Gina is like my cat parent…almost two years ago I was homeless and she rescued me, offering to share her life and give me a forever home.

Gina is attempting to work on her third book in the Werewolf Series now, so I shifted into human form to write this post, filling in as the guest blogger for the week! I hope you’ll find my topic about werecat lore interesting and valuable. Because you never know when you might cross paths with one. Here we go…

First, this is me, Jessie Bastet (aka Jessie Cat), as a tortoiseshell housecat. Yeah, I know. I’m kind of smudgie-looking. This is the shape I usually take.

This is me when I transform into a cougar. Spectacular, huh?
This is what I look like when I transform into my scary beast shape. I can’t stay this way for long…it’s just the way I am…
Werecat ...
Now it’s time to beef up your knowledge about my werecat traits and history.
1. Werecats are descendants from the Egyptian Goddess Bastet. Here’s a statue made in her honor:
2. If we bite you while in any of our cat shapes, you will be converted into a werecat. It’s not pleasant for the human…your heart stops beating for several minutes then violently starts again, total puke-fest, and you fall into a coma for a day or more. Wakey-time – sick for a while, then starving for meat, tons of energy, violent outbursts are common at first.
3. Most werecats are psychic and can read minds.
4. Werecats can communicate with other animals, mainly by reading their emotional state.
5. We normally live a very long time. Could be considered immortal, depending on your definition of immortal. Very hard to kill, but definitely can be accomplished. Our injuries (if not fatal) heal extremely fast. Depending on the seriousness of the ouchie, anywhere from minutes to a day and we’re good as new.
6. Werecats and werewolves generally have the same traits, as far as supernatural stuff goes. But we don’t play well together. We normally stay in human form and blend in with society. (I have some issues, or disabilities, and spend most of my time as a housecat. Even now, I’m twitchy and getting the urge to transform back to a cat.)
7. Yeah, we’re super fast, strong, agile, smart, sneaky and loyal to those who treat us well. Our senses are majorly heightened.
8. No, we cannot make clothes appear out of thin air. When we return to human form, we’re naked. Not a good thing if we have an audience. Real pain in the butt.
9. In human form, we eat just like a human. Whatever shape we take, we eat the food that shape would eat. Kind of obvious…
10. If you see our eyes turn solid black and we’re staring you down, our backs arching, and if we’re in cat form (mainly the cougar or beast) with our ears back, it’s time you get the hell away from us. We’re incredibly dangerous at that point – whether from anger, fear or from simply being overly-excited. Our claws and teeth could rip your throat open or at the least, leave you with shredded skin. Not a pretty sight.
**Note: in housecat form, we do love to be rubbed and played with, though. In human form, we appreciate a gentle touch on our arms or back to let us know you care and to help strengthen our bond to you.
Well, that should be enough werecat tidbits to let simmer in your brain for a while. Not that I’m trying to scare you or anything…if you have a cat as a pet – YAY! Love her with all your heart, play often, and observe your cat’s behavior to better understand her or him and to avoid problems. Think like a cat!
And you never know if your cat is actually a werecat who is staying incognito and enjoying the lazy, comfy living as your pet! Sorta my game plan:)
As Gina would say – That is all!
Your guest blogger: Jessie Bastet, AKA Jessie Cat
Let us know your favorite werecat books or authors who write about supernatural cats! Love to hear from you!

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