Vampires – Tolerate Sun or Burst into Flame?

Vampires – Tolerate Sun or Burst into Flame? Looking back at years and years of vampire movies, books and TV shows, fans of the fanged beings have been entertained with every conceivable option as to how the blaring, bright sun affects vampires.

If memory serves me right, the ability to walk in the sun is a newer twist to the vampire mythology. I just checked the Wikipedia site about vampires, then clicked on the Movies/TV link and nearly fell off my chair with the amount of entries in that category! I didn’t go to the Vampires in Literature, as I figured the list would be endless!! (Here is the Vampires in Movies/TV link if you’re interested. Be sure to scroll down to see the TV Shows – they are listed even though the page starts with ‘Vampire Films’.)

Back to vampires as Daywalkers or turning into an inferno from the sun…I’m sure with so many (MANY) stories, writers felt the need to come up with new material and to sway away from the standards of vampire myth. Otherwise, viewers and readers would be yawning and thinking, “It’s the same storyline every time!” And another twist was the vampire/werewolf hybrid – a little bit of both DNA’s tossed into the mix – creating even more possibilities for stories!

Let me run through my memory banks of some of my favorites…Vampires on:

“Buffy-The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” definitely would ignite. I remember Angel and Spike needing blankets thrown over them if they attempted moving about in the daylight. They started to smoke (as in next comes the flames) if the sun touched them.

Cast of Angel

“True Blood” – nope, they can’t take the sun either. Almost like a melting, burning of the skin and flames, I do believe.

“The Vampire Diaries” – now here is a twist. Stefan and Damon (and other vamps can work it this way, too) have these rings that have are made by witches (Bonnie made one for Caroline) that enable vampires to walk in the sun. But no ring, then they go “poof”.

“The Twilight Saga” – the vampires are able to be in sunlight, but their skin sparkles and obviously makes them look non-human. They try to avoid sunny days and when they want to go outside, choose gray, dreay days so they don’t draw attention to themselves.

“Being Human” – the vampires on both the BBC and SyFy shows appear to withstand sunlight as we see them going about regular day jobs, blending in with society.

Cast of Being Human on SyFy

Isn’t it fun and interesting to think about the different ways we’ve seen vampires portrayed? I’m glad that writers and movie producer-types choose to step outside the box of what used to be considered the norm for vampire storytelling! I will admit, with so many versions and “rules” about vampires in everything, I sometimes get mixed up on what rules apply to which show, etc.! The other night we watched “The Vampire Diaries” and I had to stop and think about HOW a person can BECOME a vampire on that show! Eeeek! Another topic for another time!

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