TMI + ADHD = Shiny Things Everywhere (which really means Hitting a Brick Wall)

I try to stay focused (insert hysterical laughing). I do have ADHD (plus OCD, high anxiety). Then again, it seems like a ton of people do nowadays. I can bet many reading this can relate…both TEENS and ADULTS!


I have good intentions, goals and even schedules to keep me on track. (I’m a SERIOUS list maker.) I’ve set timers (nifty computer downloads or used physical timers), written sticky notes and not so sticky ones, taken breaks to re-energize, played music or not, sat in different chairs, sat at different computers in different rooms, drank coffee or water or whatever, warned my brain to only spend a few minutes doing some task (oh the snickering), read self-help articles and books (even PAID for some), talked to people for ideas or to vent (most don’t want to hear more than 5 minutes worth), and even scribbled my signature on a paper agreement stating/promising to myself to follow a plan as best as I can to help meet my goals – of which I typed out specific business/writing plans and a marketing plan for my writing career (6 pages long – the marketing plan was a killer).

*fingernails screeching on chalkboard*

Repeat: But there are just so many Shiny Things everywhere I turn! I’m an information hound and love researching and checking stuff out here and there and…and…ARGH!

So, *tapping fingers on keyboard*, what to do with my life. It seems that all the technology and gadgets
and all their wonderfulness, ooey-gooey neatness have made me hit a brick wall. Again.

I just published a book. Actually, it’s already been a few months. Back on February 16 “Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1” was released. Then a few weeks later, my dad passed away. And things have been sad and weird and busy. And time has flown – here it is June.

I’m supposed to be writing the third book in the “Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series” right now. It will be the last in that series. Then I’ll jump back to the Chelsie Valdar Saga to finish the second and third books in that series.

Marketing the books, letting readers know they EXIST, connecting with people on social networks, trying to be everywhere is ungodly time-consuming. Yet, I enjoy it! But did I say it’s a major time suck?!

ToniVC / / CC BY-NC-ND

I need to be writing the next book. All “experts” say so.

But I don’t want people to forget me. And my books. *stamping feet for emphasis* So I have to try to socialize to keep my name out there. Do enough people even WANT me to write further books?

Sometimes I feel invisible.

Okay, I’ll admit, I never did like to stand out in the crowd. *pushes the spotlight away* I actually hated school. Couldn’t wait for weekends, days off, summer vacation, please let’s get a snow day! Never raised my hand to answer questions and clammed up when called upon to give my answer (even if I knew it, I rarely answered). I hated gym class. I wasn’t into sports AT ALL and felt totally stupid playing games (in grade school I was on the softball and volleyball teams but ONLY because my best friend joined). I didn’t join any groups/clubs in high school (well…I was in 4-H in grade school). I did have boyfriends most of the time but stayed with each one a long time. I fretted over getting good grades…and in turn was a straight “A” student. There were a lot of shiny things back then, too.

And so, I blended in. Kinda boring now that I look back at it. And MANY things I wish I would’ve participated in…

But my book writing — it’s NOT like in school. I’m sitting at home in front of the computer. And can create stories and publish and connect with people here. I like that.

So many choices, so little time. I’m not getting any younger. Hey, Teens out there! Be sure to live it up during your teenage years. That includes those in your early Twenties, too.

Chelsie, the main character in “Rocked”, is only 17 years old. She is one tough girl, headstrong, and a fighter. ¬†She tries to protect those she loves. And she is forced into survival mode with an Apocalypse on the way and a stalker following her every move. Tons of decisions. Many are life or death. And definitely will be in the upcoming books. I envy Chelsie’s ability to stay focused on the task at hand and to make use out of her surroundings and resources and partnering with friends (of all types!). I don’t envy that she’s only 17 and how her life has taken a drastic turn, with choices thrown at her that even disciplined, knowledgeable adults would cringe at and run away from – screaming into the night.

I purposefully added characters in my books that have some mental issues, too. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but in “Rocked” I have a “Jessie” who has mild ADD and “Alex” who is psychotic. In the “Werewolf Series” I have “Kara” who struggles with anxiety.

And I can relate to them. Well, maybe not the psychotic dude. But the other issues – yeah, totally.

Chelsie (“Rocked”) and Kara (“Werewolf Series”) both want to help others and are willing to look beyond faults…trying to find the good in people. To connect. To survive. And, of course, to fight evil!

Oh, and they are able to use the TMI to their advantage. Maybe I need to take some lessons from them.

Can YOU relate? Do you have ADHD, ADD, OCD, high anxiety, bi-polar issues? Do you feel like the internet sucks up too much time? What do you do to deal with stress? Do you read to temporarily escape reality? (I do) Please add a comment…

That is all.


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