The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale – My Head is Still Spinning

Yes, I know it’s been two weeks since it aired. I think it’s taken me that long to sort out all the details, shockers and cliffhangers.

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There was so much crammed into one episode that I’m sure tons of editing (deleting footage) was done in order to get all the high priority scenes on the screen in one hour (actually less when you think of how much time commercials suck up).

So, let me just say so I don’t get yelled at, I’m going to be chatting about the finale highlights. That means if you haven’t watched the episode, then the following is filled with spoilers. You’ve been warned.
These are my random, head-scratching, staring at the ceiling thoughts:
Whoa – all the dead people brought back to life – more or less – after Bonnie the witch lifted the “veil.”  But am I understanding it correctly that it was only partially lifted and the previously dead people couldn’t leave or walk out of the perimeter of a specific area?
The Rebekah and Matt lovey-dovey stuff was sweet! Her taking his place standing on the explosive pressure plate and him then able to dart off to his graduation. At first I wondered if she would survive being blown to smithereens. Yep. Or maybe with her super wazoo speed she managed to get away from the blast zone with a few scratches (to instantly heal…).
And speaking of graduation, FINALLY!! The experiences, emotions and activities of the majority of the characters remind me more of college-age people (or even older). Don’t you think? And keep in mind how old Elena and her schoolmates were when this show first began? And what tragedies and trials they went through at that young age! And seeing Stefan as a student? Weird…Okay, moving on…
That vampire hunter,Vaughn, forced Damon to go to the spot where Silas’s body was dropped into the water. I think I might’ve drifted off during that scene, or else in a previous episode where Silas was kerplunked into the lake as I barely remember that. *sigh* Poor Damon – getting tortured and shot at with bullets made from werewolf venom. Not healthy for him at all. But Klaus comes to the rescue and saves his butt. Which we just aren’t shown the act of saving Damon’s life but later see Damon alive and healing (or healed).
Damon professing his love for Elena, admitting he probably wasn’t any good for her. And she in turn chooses him as the official boyfriend, giving her own speech, and seals it with a smooch. Ahhhh…great scene. I fist-pumped the air and shouted, “YES!” (My husband rolled his eyes.)
Oh – and the ticked off witches who were prepping to attack Caroline (since she had killed them episodes ago) and who were ready to cause some serious mayhem during graduation – but again Klaus saved the day. Wasn’t that too cool when he threw the graduation caps with supernatural speed and precision – chopping off the heads of the witches?! Smooth move!
Somewhere during the episode, Klaus tells Caroline he won’t go after Tyler. He’s doing this for her…what was it he said? Klaus may not be her first love, but he plans on being her last?? At times I hate him and other times I love Klaus. He is very interesting and his romantic scene with Caroline was great!
Then there was Bonnie using a spell to bring Jeremy back to life. But she’s dead now. But he can see dead people, er, ghosts/spirits. What a mess! She dropped the “veil” during this time, too, making all the people who had come back to life (except Jeremy) – disappear into the other realm…
I loved the interactions between Damon and his bud, Alaric. What a pair! A vampire hunter and a vampire who had become friends…so sad to see Alaric go bye-bye again.
Sad to see Stefan being let down due to Elena choosing Damon over him. I’m sure fans of the show have differing opinions on this as there is Team Damon vs Team Stefan!
Yowza – the brutal fight between Elena and Katherine! At times my confusion over who was who and who had WHAT left me chewing my fingernails and shouting at the tv set. Then suddenly the ever-famous, “who’s going to end up with it?” vial containing the cure to make vampires human gets forcefully shoved into Katherine’s mouth by Elena. Poof! We assume it’s swallowed and Katherine is/will become human next. Holy cow! I wasn’t expecting that!
One of the last epic moments of the finale was discovering that when Bonnie died, Silas came back to life. Was it because she died, or not? Whatever…because he is alive and the biggie that blew my mind came when Silas decided to take the place of the being who was created to be his doppelganger: Stefan. And then Stefan gets shoved into a fortified box and plunged into a river. WHAT?! OMG! I so wanted Silas to be dead and gone but now he’s portraying Stefan?! Does that mean Silas has always knows Stefan was his doppelganger? Like, the moment Stefan was born as a human, was this all planned that he was Silas’s doppelganger? I’ll admit – I get very confused over the whole doppelganger thing and all the mythology about it. I can’t remember from seasons ago what we were told. *bangs head on desk*
This finale contained quite a few “saves”, too. Think about it: Klaus saved Damon’s life. Rebekah saved Matt from blowing up. Alaric saved Damon – I think more than once. Alaric also saved people at the Grill from the explosion. Klaus in a way saved Tyler’s life. Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life. Klaus saved Caroline’s life. I’m sure there are others I’m missing. 
So, what did you think about the finale? PLEASE offer to answer some of my questions, too!
That is all (before my brain explodes).

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