The time is almost here…

Yes…my latest creation will be published within days! DAYS, I say, DAYS! How much teasing do you want from me right now?

First, I’ll be updating my site over the next few days as info arrives; such as: links on where to find the book to purchase, FAQ, cover image, excerpt, etc.

Here’s something to get you started (the synopsis):

Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1

The Apocalypse is coming…in one week. Chelsie Valdar and her brother are modern-day Viking warrior teenagers. They must find a mystical sword belonging to their ancient ancestor and flee to safety at a secret shelter, if they hope to survive. As the clock ticks, several Bigfoot and an outcast werecat become invaluable friends helping with the search for the sword and offering supernatural protection. Misfortune haunts their every move. Conflicts delay their progress. Especially when a devious and deranged enemy is infatuated with Chelsie and hungers for the sword, desperate to escape to the shelter with Chelsie by his side. Time is running out.
And here’s a teaser:
Boom, boom, boom. I freeze again. The pounding echoes from all around and the shuddering of the earth travels through my feet and up my legs.
~~~ from Ch. 1-Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1
I will try to drizzle a teaser on your head daily…on my site, FB, Twitter, everywhere I exist. OK. I have three bazillion things to do to prepare for the release of Rocked.

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