The Process of Imagination in Writing – Guest Blog by Russell Huneke

I have a treat for everyone today! The following is a Guest Blog Posting by Russell Huneke. Be sure to hop over to his site for greater details on his writing. Links are at the bottom. Enjoy!
The Process of Imagination in Writing
By Russell Huneke
The process of writing is one of those mystical things that you can try to explain in simple terms, yet always ends up becoming more than the sum of its parts. You have all the tools you need as a writer, that is to say you have the computer and keyboard (or if you’re old school the typewriter…or GASP, the pen and paper. Whatever works), the desire, and the most important tool of all (for any fiction writer, at least)-the imagination! That’s the engine in the car. That’s the guts that makes everything GO. Without that, you’re just coasting toward the abyss, my friend. 
So what brings the ideas? What makes that imagination chug like a well oiled machine? The answer is, for me at least, the ability to take a mundane situation and make it exciting. 
I wrote an earlier post on my own Blog about “Mining for Ideas”, and I still think it’s valid here. We all know that writer’s block is that little devil that comes to visit us now and again and steal inspiration away. He can be a royal pain in the you know where.  The best way of averting writers block is to keep information flowing and to keep observant about things. 
One method I use is to take things that are totally different from one another and put them together, for example I was reading something about Goblins one day while I was passing by an elevator and the two aspects came together with the tried and true WHAT IF tool that many writers employ and I wrote a very short story about being stuck in an elevator with a goblin hiding above the ceiling trap. It wasn’t any award winner, but it was an amusing idea that I felt a need to write. That method often works for me, because it takes aspects that may normally be prosaic and turns them into something interesting. It also helps very much in breaking the back of writer’s block. 
I also believe in blasting out whatever is in my head as fast as I can, so I can at least get it down on paper or out of my mind because I just can’t tell you how many good ideas I had and lost because I didn’t take the time to write them down.  You can always edit later. 
These are just a few of my techniques on the process of imagination. I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are, and what it takes to get your fingers moving over that keyboard. Hope this was of some value!
Kind Regards,

Russell Huneke

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