“The 60 Second Update”

Good afternoon, I’m Gina’s Brain. Welcome to the 60 Second Update. *spotlight on*

Photo by Mattox

The Brain reports:

>Writing book. Last week CampNaNoWriMo Challenge. Much time working; progress-yes, quantity-minimal.

>True Blood Finale – missed – satellite out due to storm. Watch rerun tonight.

>Watched movie “The Moth Diaries”. Awesome.

>Does Dish or Direct offer wireless dvr receivers yet…as in, NO wires running through house? Hubby curious.

>Shape shifters in book I’m writing…crazy trying to decide how/when/where they should make use of power. Clothes are the issue 🙂 Either take them off before shifting (& put back on after) or explode through clothes – thus, ruining a lot of clothes. *sigh*

And that concludes the 60 Second Update. *lights out*

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