Happy Thanksgiving! Went out w/family at lunch for a great meal! Before & after-massive computer maintenance on 3 PCs. Prepping for Book Two! 2 weeks-Book Signing at Troy Library-Sat., Dec. 12 from 2-4. New bookmarks w/cover design free w/book! Wow…have a marathon of “The Twilight Zone” on now…strange…Have been looking at artwork for cover of Book 2 and trying to figure out what title to use. A little trivia here: My book, Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series-Book One, is one of five in a series. Each book will have “Unknown” in it, along with another of the five senses: the first book was “touch” as one of the senses. Now I have to decide which “sense” for Book Two, either sight, sound, scent or taste.

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