Tentatively Chose Cover for Next Book

I have tentatively chosen my cover art/image for the current book that I’m writing. Ah…another thing to distract me from doing what really needs to be done – which is to actually WRITE the book! I AM writing but I have managed to fall off the little choo-choo tracks once again. After clicking through hundreds (who knows? maybe thousands?) of images and spending six hours of precious (should’ve been writing) time at my favorite go-to site www.istockphoto.com , I jotted on paper 7 possibilities for the book cover (print and ebook) to my new Bigfoot Saga. Out of that batch, I am truly salivating over two of them. Whichever one I decide upon, will still need some tweaking to “incorporate a specific look” for the cover.

I have also come to the conclusion that due to my Master Micro-Organizing Skills (AKA Disorder), I spend more time organizing and planning things in my life than it sometimes takes to just DO those things and instead I end up losing/wasting enormous chunks of time writing out to-do lists! Trying to change and break the bad habits…

Recently I was prodded by a fan to hurry up and get the third book written in the Werewolf Series. It made me chuckle and does encourage me to keep at it. As soon as this Bigfoot paranormal thriller is complete & published (which this series I am self-publishing-so excited!!!) I promise to switch back to the Werewolf Series. After all, I can’t leave everyone hanging…wondering how things will turn out for Kara…and Daniel…and Dominic 🙂

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