Summer TV Shows I’m Going to Watch

Several exciting TV shows falling into the genres of sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal are about to hit the screen for summertime entertainment. Perhaps the withdrawal I experience from the hiatus of my winter season shows will disappear as I’ll be tuning in to the following: Falling Skies, Teen Wolf, Outcasts (a little iffy), Alphas, and Torchwood: Miracle Day.

And I’ll be able to watch Torchwood only because Dish Network handed out 1 free year of Starz (probably due to the ordeal from last fall with NO FX [& a few other channels] for about a month & this was their way of saying they’re sorry). Outcasts is iffy because I read it was canceled after only one 8-episode season in Britain. Seems like that happens A LOT with BBC shows, especially ones I start to watch on Saturday nights & enjoy. When the next season is due to start – they’re gone, off the radar, dead, canceled!

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