Stretched. That’s how I feel lately. I can’t get any writing done. Distractions, excuses. So many sites I check on every day. Researching alternate writing income possibilities, joining this and that, whew. Oh – and of course this morning I just had to clean out my recipe cabinet –  organizing, tossing out some stuff. And then it was essential that I restructure my workout routines – change the time and timing, group my exercises (ripped from magazines) into a pile for pilates and a pile for weights. [sigh…]

I think I may have to prioritize and eliminate non-essential tasks and some activities that are not moving me forward in my writing career. But which ones to scratch off the list?! Obviously I keep my website, this blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, okay…okay…I need to stop there. I spend an incredible amount of time writing articles on movies twice a week for my page…but I feel it is important to showcase article writing as another ability besides my novels that I’ve written. Looks good on a resume. Let’s see – I also have my other blog on – I DO get traffic everyday to it…almost hate to light a match to it. But I could. My bulletin board – which also gets hits everyday – but NO ONE ever posts anything besides myself – could be deleted. After all, everything I put here goes there. Rarely does anyone speak of MySpace anymore. Facebook is the hotspot. Still – very hard to delete the account…suppose I could let it “sit” & just check it once a month…

I’m hoping by typing this out (concerning my disappearing time to write dilemma), it will force me to take action. I know everyone has the same 24 hours in day, 7 days a week. But I feel like a time warp fairy shows up daily and zaps me away for about 5 hours. Then, suddenly, I’ll look at the clock and wonder – OMG – where did the day go?!?!

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