Spewing Soda

Last night I knocked a plastic soda bottle over. The lid was twisted closed. No spill. But I was thirsty & proceeded to open the bottle. Wrong choice! Soda spewed forth like a volcano erupting violently. Quickly, I turned away from my precious computer (of course-must save!)!!! In the meantime, soda drenched all kinds of paperwork sitting on my two desks, my outline to my new series (which now has brown spots all over it & wrinkly from being wet), my clothes, the carpet, the afghan wrapped around me and a few splatters landed on the mouse & mousepad and cell phone. Fun. I’m sure anyone watching it would have laughed their butts off, though, as soda shot straight up & kept fizzing around the partially opened cap & I failed miserably in my attempt to get it under control, all the while screaming for my husband to fetch towels. (I say this as I reach over to drink my coffee sitting 3 inches from the keyboard – careful not to spill it!) EEEKKK!!

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