Soak up the Sun; True Blood on DVD

Strange to have both topics in the same title (Sun & True Blood)!

It is finally 70 degrees & sunny! Heaven!! I walked outside and felt that “special feeling” I get every spring. Don’t know how to describe it but it soaks into me and lifts my spirits…a warming sensation tingling through my body. Ahhhh… I’m looking out my window and see a little girl on her purple bike riding down my road with her shorts on! In another hour (more internetting first), I swear I’m going outside to sit in the sun & read my newspaper…which the reading may be difficult since the wind is blowing fiercely (of course – can’t be a completely perfect day now, can it?!).

True Blood, The Complete 3rd Season, is available on DVD & Blu-ray from Amazon as a PRE-ORDER. It’s $39.99, free shipping, released on May 31, 2011. Two more months+ before I’ll actually receive it. Which means I’ll be ordering it next, silly! We don’t have HBO so watching it on DVD is what I have to do. Sad to think I’m almost one year behind all the HBO viewers as the next, new season will start about the time I get my Season 3 DVD set and begin watching it. And I don’t even bother trying to watch anything like that over the internet with my lovely Verizon Wireless USB broadband modem that constantly disconnects! I have their new 4G modem – which I can’t even get 4G – even though I was told I could. But the disconnections drive me freaking insane!! I should’ve stuck with their older 3G service & modem. I had good luck with that! But, I’m hanging in there with Verizon…trying to give them a chance to redeem themselves.

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