Researching shape shifting

I have seen this term typed 3 ways: shape shift, shapeshift and shape-shift, whether it’s as you see it here or with or without “er” or “ing” on the ending. I had even typed it in two ways while writing my last book, not realizing I wasn’t consistent until after the book was written. Eeek! Then I had to “find” the variation I did NOT want and correct it to be the same throughout the story. Thank goodness for the “Find” option in Word, saving me a chunk of time! And I decided to keep a space in the term/word:  shape shifting. Anyway…I finished researching themes in shape shifting for my next novel. Not that I haven’t already immersed my readers with transformations of werewolves and vampires, because I definitely HAVE, but I was checking out some new angles for my work-in-progress: The Bigfoot Series! I keep deleting sentences as I type this – I start to say too much about what I’m writing…and I don’t want to ruin the story by flapping my mouth!

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