• April 17, 2015 – Moved my website. Anything weird or incomplete that you experience while surfing my site, well, that’s what the deal is! I need several days to perform my magic and make stuff work as best as I can.
  • I’m nearing completion on Unknown Taste: Werewolf Series, 3. Working on the website temporarily stalled my writing efforts on the novel.
  • When I complete Taste, as in all writing, editing and formatting are finished, THEN I will REpublish the first two in the Werewolf Series immediately followed by publishing Taste. So, hopefully within one week all three in the completed trilogy will be available for sale… bing, bing, and bing!!!
  • After the Werewolf Series is finished, then I will resume writing The Chelsie Valdar Saga, Books 2 and 3.