New Article-Limitless (2011)

New article I compiled on the new movie Limitless…

The movie-goer imagines what it must be like to be in the character’s shoes and have his life completely flip-flopped from what it had been before taking the new drug…giving him super-human abilities.

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  1. Sverige says:

    Limitless is a movie about a man who has a life headed for nothing, but failure. This man loses his girlfriend, about to lose his place to live and has even lost his ability to reason why he does what he does. By chance, he runs into an old friend (ex-brother in-law) who introduces him to something new, something that will change his life forever. Not only does this new tool help him become a new man, it introduces him to a world of riches and fame. I will not go into too much detail, as even the smallest of information might ruin it for you, but let us just say that with money and attention comes trouble and unwarranted danger.

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