My (pretend) Comic-Con Schedule of Events

My (pretend) Comic-Con 2012 Schedule
Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15, 2012
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

Notice I wrote “PRETEND” schedule of events! This is my fantasy, my fake trip to Comic-Con and which events, panels, signings, etc. I would try to attend. This was fun to go through the full listing/schedule of events and pick out my favorites, check the times and try not to clash with other programs and stuff I was interested in! Boy, if I was actually going, I’d be wiped out by the time it was over but thrilled to death and floating high on a cloud.

What brought this idea up…I watched “Teen Wolf” last night. Something screeched in my brain and I remembered some mention from somewhere about Comic-Con and “Teen Wolf”. So, I Googled Comic-Con and went directly to their site (link below) and had a blast reviewing everything offered.

Official Sites:

Oh how I wish I could go…*pouty lips*. BUT, you can have fun pretending at the mysched.comic-con site, too, or at least see what’s scheduled to go down. Several TV stations are set to air coverage (some live, some previously recorded) from the convention. I believe G4, EW, MTV, and several others will broadcast the exciting news. Here’s is my plan of attack if I were going. And seriously, you need to visit the website and see how much stuff is going on there. It’s insane! Sometimes there are 20+ things going on all at once…let alone all the booths set up to browse by. Anyway:

The Hobbit

Thursday, July 12

10:15am The Truth About The Hobbit

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2

MTV’s Teen Wolf

The Walking Dead

The Science of Science Fiction: Canon Fodder

Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves on Trial: The Forensic Psychiatry of the Dead, the Undead, and the Unlucky

Teen Wolf

Friday, July 13

Comic-Con How-To: How to Create a More Realistic Fictitious World


Epic Fantasy War

Entertainment Weekly: Powerful Women in Pop Culture (aka Women Who Kick Ass!)

Resident Evil: Damnation Worldwide Trailer Premiere, 7-Minute Sneak Peek, and Filmmaker Q&A

Saturday, July 14

Hot Town: Faeries in the City: Urban Fantasy

TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites

Being Human

The Vampire Diaries Screening and Q&A

True Blood Panel and Q&A session

Lost Girl

Sunday, July 15

Fringe Screening and Q&A

Supernatural Screening and Q&A

What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction

 Buffy Turns 20: Celebrating 20 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sons of Anarchy

15 Years Since Philosopher’s Stone: Harry Potter Fandom in 2012

And then I would collapse 🙂

You know, even though this was a fake trip, it was still fun! *Sigh*…maybe next year the real thing?…
3 comments on “My (pretend) Comic-Con Schedule of Events
  1. rhuneke says:

    Hi Gina. I figured I’d take a peek at your Blog, and thanks so much for visiting mine. I read some of Sample of Unknown Touch and I really think you have good “voice”. What that means is that it’s easy to read and sounds natural and fluid. Some people write and it feels all disjointed and doesn’t flow. Happily you don’t have this problem at all. Congrats on having your books published. I’ve had some short stories published by publishers like Outer Darkness Magazine, and my last collection of short stories, “Twilight Ruminations” (now out of print unfortunately, contract ended and publisher was small). That was a paper book. I must say though, ebooks look the way to go for turning more profit if you aren’t Stephen King or Anne Rice. The reason being that they are much more susceptible to IMPULSE buys. Mine is just 99 cents for my short novel, but if enough people get word of it and if I can generate some notice of it, it can add up! It is a slow trickle right now though. Only a handful of sales thus far, but I keep pushing it. I hope your sales continue and that you do well following your passion! Also replied to your post on my blog. Take Care

  2. rhuneke says:

    P.S. also adding a link to your blog to my blog list 🙂

  3. Thank you for the super kind compliments! My next book in a different series will be self-published, too. Insane the amount of research I’ve done on self-pubbing and marketing! Luckily, I LOVE that stuff! BUT it takes away a great deal of my writing time.

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