Mega Updates!

Can you say OMG?! The Vampire Diaries last night was outstanding! I felt like I was watching a movie! Constant in your face action – I must’ve thrown my hand up to my mouth 5 times in shock! Now we won’t see any episodes until April!!! Oh, the pain!

BOOK TWO UPDATE: If you’re wondering what stage I’m at, here you go:
I am waiting for the editing process to be completed and the book cover finalized by the publisher.

The publisher told me a release date of March 31, 2011.

I have given them my choice of book cover, author bio, author photo, book synopsis, and other information.

I have typed up a FAQ page for the website – for Book Two.
BUT I won’t post it until the book has been released. Of course, it will be “spoilers” if I’m answering questions about that book =)

I have 2 excerpts on standby…a few more weeks before I post them. I’d like the editing process completed first. So, it’s a waiting game at this point…

Also, I have started writing a brand new series!! I’m taking a “pause” on the Werewolf Series for a few months to dive into another paranormal/thriller/urban fantasy trilogy. More news on that soon.

I’ll be busy chatting up Unknown Scent-Werewolf Series-Book Two (& Book One), which will include book signings, and need to be working on another project to keep a “balance” so I don’t overdose on one thing. And it’s important for an author to expand and offer more stories to readers…the new series has a subtle tie-in to the Werewolf Series but can be read independently. So exciting!

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