Life Influences What and How An Author Writes

What a person experiences on a day-to-day basis can influence his/her future thoughts, choices and actions. Life: The good and the bad and the blah.

Sponging up knowledge,learning from mistakes, rejoicing in success, creating new relationships with a variety of people, offering or receiving help, dealing with death or other health issues, financial woes or the opposite of sudden prosperity…these conflicts, encounters, and joyful or dreadful resolutions shape who we are.

Writers are especially sensitive to these life episodes.

Enter: my cat, Jessie.

I was NOT seeking a pet of any kind. I’ve had pets throughout my life…mostly dogs. In fact, I had three dogs at one time and each lived a long, pampered life until their deaths several years ago (from old age). All three died within a 1 1/2 year timeframe. Quite devastating to me.

So when Jessie wandered on our property, I had no intention of adopting her. I assumed she’d disappear by the next day or so.

She didn’t.

Then again, I fed her. Oops! (I know, I know. If you don’t want an animal to stick around, DON’T feed them!)

But she looked and acted so sweet. Tears are in my eyes right now as I write this for some reason. I suppose it’s my love for animals. And I’m a sucker. And it proves that I really do care for and love her. Did I cause tears to brim YOUR eyes now? 🙂

I tried to find her a home for about five weeks. No one wanted her. Or else I didn’t consider the prospective living conditions acceptable for Jessie because she was “too good” and too tame to be kept as an outdoor cat. She deserved to be inside…in my mind.

I cannot imagine how anyone could have dumped Jessie (what we believe happened to her).  I guess it’s possible she roamed too far from her original home and never returned, got lost, didn’t like her living conditions there…who knows? I wish I could read her mind and find out what actually happened. But I might start bawling or be super mad if the information is unpleasant.

Well, you know how the story ends. I adopted her – I became her human mommy – I opened my arms and heart to her and she is part of the family as an indoor cat. And very well taken care of, I’d like to add.

Jessie. Jessie Cat. Jessie Girl. Baby Girl. Jessie Marie. Yep, those are all the names we call her. Even my husband. Well, I don’t think he’s called her the ones with “girl” in them…but she’s has definitely had an effect on us.

And on my writing.

I have been struggling with my next novel (I currently have two published books). I hate to call it writer’s block, so I won’t. Especially since I kept messing around with the current work in progress. It wasn’t like I found myself staring blindly at the computer screen. I just kept re-working, rewriting, rearranging, and restructuring the outline and the first six chapters.

I took a break and walked away from the book writing for a while. During that time Jessie fully integrated herself into the household. And I researched other writing projects and ended up creating a cat care website! I loved working on it! Plus I’ve been studying a few writing programs.

And perhaps the “break” was meant to happen…Just like Jessie becoming a part of my life was meant to happen. My storyline wasn’t jiving like it should have. My excitement and passion to write the next page wasn’t there. So I hit the pause button.

But now…I find I’m inspired to dive into my novel again. Finally.

Enter: my cat, Jessie.

Thrills, chills and slight revisions to the storyline are being put into play, all due to Jessie Cat inspiring me. Yes, that means “cat stuff” will be added, in seriously interesting ways. Remember, my genre is paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, young adult. So you never know just how interesting that feline influence could be 🙂

When an author sits down to write, life experiences can spark ideas for emotional, engaging content and unique characters. At least that’s the intention!

(Special thanks [snacks] to Jessie Cat for her involvement.)

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