Inside a Teen Reader’s Brain (or Those Who Love YA Books)

Okay. I’m curious if this post draws out lovers of Teen/YA Books. After all, I write YA novels and it sure would be nice to connect with and slurp up some knowledge of what the heck these readers are socializing about, what they despise, what and who they adore.

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And these questions and thoughts are for any age…as we ALL know that you sure don’t have to be a teenager in order to read YA stories.

But a huge question is: Do teens actually read blogs?

My sources tell me to make friends with my readers or people who might become my readers/fans/followers of my books. So, of course, it is important for me to hand out bowlfuls of nachos (jalapenos optional) loaded with drippy cheese and order 300 large pizzas of various crusts & toppings and maybe toss bags filled with chocolate to as many teens as I can possibly stumble upon everywhere I turn. (You adults, I’ll share plenty with you, too, since you likely know some of these elusive teens…)

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I’ve researched about 50 websites/blogs of other authors who write YA. Most of them seem to deal with the same dilemma. WHAT do our readers want from us in a blog posting? Most of the authors post about once a month and give updates on their latest work in progress or newly published book. That’s terrific. But I’d also like to entertain the crowd with something in between marketing my book stuff.

I do not want to talk about the writing process itself in the blog posts. Once in a while is fine… Oh, believe me, I totally am into reading about writing and marketing (and do so for hours) but there are so many writers already doing that. I want my website to be FOR the READER, not so much for another writer. Make sense?

BUT, if the readers of YA books are NOT interested in blog posts, then, other than occasional book updates, I don’t know if there’s a point in going through the time and hair-pulling to create a posting daily, weekly or whatever. (I had been shooting for weekly.) Especially coming up with a topic that’s entertaining for that group.

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We all experience massive information (and advertising) overload poking at us from all directions. I feel invisible at times as I try to provide something useful or cool to my social network peeps.

And so, here comes the 20 questions. Please comment. Or message me if you don’t want your answers known to others. These are directed at teens, but I’ll take responses from anybody.

1) Once again, do teens read blogs?

2) Which do you like better – Facebook or Twitter?

3) What about Tumlbr? Thoughts?

4) What are some favorite TV shows?

5) Favorite movies?

6) Favorite books or authors?

7) Do you use Pinterest?

8) How about G+ ?

9) Is MySpace dead or do you use it?

10) Do you use Goodreads? Shelfari? LibraryThing?

11) HOW do you decide what book you’re going to read next? Do you bother watching book trailers? Does the book cover draw you in?

12) Do you use Facebook Groups? Are you part of any Groups anywhere?

13) As a reader, you tell me how can I (as an author of YA, paranormal thrillers) grab your attention? HOW do you hear about books?

14) Do you read book reviews?

15) Do you follow book bloggers?

16) Do you prefer physical books or ebooks? Or doesn’t it matter?

17) Do you ever go to Smashwords?

18) What prices are you okay with paying for an ebook? A paperback book?

19) What do you like reading about? (vamps, werewolves, witches, demons, UFOs, apocalypse, romance, thriller, ghosts, werecats, elves, fairies, teen issues, stuff with NO supernatural elements, certain age for characters, ???)

20) Are you interested in a free ebook download and willing to give an honest, short review on Amazon or Goodreads or B&N or Smashwords? (if so, let me know!)

That is all!


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