I’d never write a book if I had to use a typewriter

Death to typewriters! Thank goodness! I would NEVER have written a book if I had to use a typewriter. I’m constantly editing and revising my sentences, making full use out of the backspace and delete buttons/keys on my computer’s keyboard. Or I’m jumping back many pages into the story to change something. Typing individual pages on pieces of paper would never, ever work for me. I’d need to buy my own paper factory with all the tons of paper I’d go through and waste. I honestly don’t know how any author ever finished a book using such a contraption.

I do own an electric typewriter. Really. And it still functions just fine. At least it did the last time I used it many years ago to type an address on an envelope. It’s hidden under a sheet, covered in a nice protective layer of dust by now, on a storage shelf. Somewhere. I remember it had the correction tape feature, of which I made absolutely sure I had extra correction tape on hand. And how sloppy and obvious it was when I used that option. For me that was often. I’m referring to the use of correction tape, NOT how much I actually used the typewriter. That wasn’t very often.

With the popularity and excitement of computers, I bought my first one back in about 1995. Wow. Suddenly all those mistakes I made typing, and if I decided to change my mind about anything at all I’d previously typed, wasn’t an issue anymore. (Gee, I guess I shouldn’t apply for any jobs relying on speed typing with accuracy!!)

Enter the idea of writing a book. Of course it wasn’t until years later, as in 2009, that I wrote my first complete novel and had it published. Which reminds me…I AM supposed to be plunking away on my third book…and any errors be gone instantly with my magical powers of deletion (*waving my magic wand to and fro*…ha – tapping at the backspace key 🙂 !

2 comments on “I’d never write a book if I had to use a typewriter
  1. anny cook says:

    Sweet baby…:-) I wrote my first book back in 1973 on a typewriter–after I first wrote it by hand. I’m pretty sure there are bits and pieces of that first attempt around here someplace packed away. Believe me, a typewriter was a WONDERFUL improvement over writing by hand.

    I have a notion writers carefully considered every single word back when they typed instead of using the computer. I know I did. Oh, there were still revisions and changes, but not as many. Very interesting post!

  2. Gina Marie Long says:

    Thanks for commenting! I think I’d even prefer writing by hand instead of the typewriter! lol!! I hated typing class in high school, too. The teacher would prowl around the room, make everyone nervous, all while a “timed” typing w/accuracy test was being given. Torture! I made straight A’s in high school – EXCEPT in typing!! Argh!!

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