I Need A Teen Wolf Refresher Course, Please

My memory sucks. And my comprehension is sometimes sluggish. I love MTV’s “Teen Wolf”, but I feel I need a refresher course on the show’s story lines. I find myself sitting on the couch, scrunching my face and tilting my head, staring blankly from the TV to my husband trying to understand something. Or trying to recall some plot point from previous episodes or even the previous seasons.

And in my frustration, I’ve typed down my burning, driving-me-nuts questions about “Teen Wolf”.
I’m not completely lost, although the following would make you believe I am. Several of the questions are more or less to confirm, refresh or clarify my frazzled, information-overloaded, distracted by shiny things brain.

Here are the 10 Questions. Would someone set me straight (and anyone else who’s a tad bit lost on the series)?

1) Who turned Scott into a werewolf?

2) Does Lydia has supernatural powers of some sort?

3) Did Allison and her dad completely stop werewolf hunting? And if so, why?

4) Does Stiles’s Dad know about werewolves and other beings?

5) Do we know WHAT or WHO the veterinarian dude (Scott’s boss) really is?

6) Didn’t Allison’s grandpa die? What was the black stuff drooling out of his mouth and nose?

7) So, is a Druid doing all of the sacrifices this season? Or is someone following certain Druid practices/methods? And why?

8) The blind Alpha werewolf, Deucalion is his name? Refresh us on what his plan is…

9) Who is it that Derek seems to be falling for? A teacher? How did he meet her?

10) Are there any other important plot points we need to keep in our brains?

I love these guys!
Please post your comments or answers. I’m getting weary spinning in circles of confusion but totally psyched for another awesome episode on Monday. 
That is all.

2 comments on “I Need A Teen Wolf Refresher Course, Please
  1. Anonymous says:

    Derek turned scott into a warewolf.
    Lydia is a wailing woman.
    No they didn’t stop. They tried but scott needed their help with the first sacrifices.
    Stiles told his dad about them but he doesn’t believe him.
    The vet is a druid (druids are good the daroch is a druid that turns evil) and he is a healer.
    Alisons grandpa tried to turn into a warewolf because warewolves instantly heal any sickness when turned and heal very fast. He had cancer so that’s why he wanted the bite. The black stuff is the same thing that happened to jackson only the grandpa doesn’t kill people (thay we know of so far). Deucalion is trying to get scott to kill other warewolves to become stronger and to ruin his change of becoming a true alpha because scott refuses to join the pack of alphas. The wpman derek falls for is a teacher but tonight we just found out she is the girl he was in love with in highschool. She didn’t die she is also a wailong woman like lydia but she is also the daroch.

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