Feedback, Storms & Promo Info

I love hearing feedback about my books – obviously the positive kind! (I did today!) What author doesn’t? It makes me smile, brings tears to my eyes, my heart thumps faster with excitement and inspires me to want to write more! To create an emotional response in a reader, to know you’ve got them wrapped around your finger in suspense, is thrilling!

On another note, these crazy storms we’ve had recently and more to come, are…well…crazy! Sick of it. It’s as if we are being punished for having a nice day here or there. Can’t we just have spring and if it rains, that’s okay, but no more severe weather as in: hail-producing, gale-force and straight-line winds, massive temperature swings, torrential downpours and tornados! The destruction and loss (all across the country!) have been overwhelming!

Promo Info: I’ll be putting up flyers in Troy on Thursday for the book signing at Pizza Man on Sat., May 7 from 11 – 1. Can’t wait!
And the Troy Times-Tribune alerted me that an article about my book/me will be in this Thursday’s paper (April 21). I’ll be nabbing some extra copies of that! Also, I will scan the article to place on my website.

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