Engrossing Babble about “The Walking Dead”, Season 3

Engrossing Babble about “The Walking Dead”, Season 3

Oh, how we’ve waited for the new season to begin. Soon. Only a few weeks from today and we’ll be knee deep in blood, gore, conflict and awesome zombies. And watching our favorite characters fight for survival! How could I forget that?!

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Cast Photo/Promo, AMC

Although our favorite characters keep getting killed off. RIP Shane. And Dale and Sophia. And…

Also, I have a serious issue. I have Dish Network. They dropped AMC. I am not a happy camper. We don’t want to deal with switching providers. So…I am hoping I do actually find it available online to watch somewhere. Anyone have reliable, safe websites they recommend that the NEW season’s episodes of “The Walking Dead” will definitely be playing on??? Even if I have to pay a few bucks? Free would be nice.

I have not read the comic books and as such, am not aware of possible plots and characters that/who may be showcased in the television show…

And thus, my burning questions and thoughts are:

Who was the hooded person that saved Andrea from being chomped on by the zombie? Will Andrea meet up again with the gang? I hope so.

What in the world did that hooded person have with her? Two zombies, minus arms, on leashes?

Rick has definitely become more aggressive and is asserting his authority…trying to maintain power. And feeling like he has something to prove, like he’s not the bad guy here, just trying to survive.

I think I read somewhere the new season takes off 8 months later?? Not sure.  And with Laurie massively pregnant. Can’t imagine…And Laurie was super ticked off with Rick last we saw, after discovering Rick (& son Carl’s) involvement in killing Shane. Knowing the situation with Shane and Rick…and Shane’s state of mind, I don’t think Laurie should be hateful and so mad at Rick.

Will miss Shane… 🙁  He added a lot to the storyline.

Darryl – I think the actor playing him is doing a superb job! He seems to feel more like he’s part of the “family” now. Or that he’s an important part of something.

Glen & Maggie – I’m liking their relationship. (What else has she played in?!)

And the view of the prison in the distance, as a parting shot on the finale! Very cool! I can see all kinds of scenarios and scenes played out there. I wonder who is in there now? Prisoners? Or did they escape? Is it filled with zombies? Humans? If there are zombies, “kill” them off, clean the place up and make sure the fences and walls are secured and the gang could have a safer place to stay.

I heard mention of a “Governor”…I wonder who he is and if he’s helpful or bad?

The special effects continue to amaze me for a television show. Like watching a movie! Totally grosses me out and makes me squirm on my couch! Well done! *hand clapping*

And of course, I still wonder EXACTLY what caused the zombie outbreak…the zombie apocalypse? Have I missed something that might have been mentioned about why this happened? I know that everyone is infected…if they die normally, they’ll still turn into a zombie. But what caused this in the first place? And is there a way to fix it or cure it?

Ahhh…how my adrenaline soars as my mind tosses over different possibilities with “The Walking Dead”. Truly fabulous show.

Any thoughts? Or answers? Feel free to comment!

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