Different Identities for Different Writing Projects?

Different Identities for Different Writing Projects? That is the question. At least one of hundreds of questions crashing through my brain lately.

I write. I’m an author. But I write about several “things”, also known as topics or subjects or material. Some of these writing endeavors and projects do not exactly mesh with one another. For example: I’ve written two paranormal thriller/urban fantasy books (and have more planned) and I maintain a blog about Paranormal Entertainment pertaining to movies/TV shows and I’m about to launch a new niche website I created about cats (just wait a wee bit longer cat fans!) AND I am preparing to expand my writing and marketing abilities by offering online copywriting services. Can you say busy?!

The conundrum: should I create separate accounts, say on Facebook and Twitter, for the different types of writing I do? And even different identities?

I believe my novel writing and the Paranormal Entertainment blog can remain together under the same name, identity and accounts since both involve the same sort of topic.

But I’m getting itchy when it comes to the other two newer projects I mentioned above…The cat website is not at all related to any of the other writing projects/areas of writing that I do. And I do feel that for the copywriter services, my identity and social networking accounts should probably be separate from the other areas of writing, too. Keep that professional and focused on the services I offer, the features and benefits to interested parties. I can have listed in my portfolio (experience) my published books, article writing, cat website creation, marketing skills, etc. though.

So, have I answered my own question on what to do here?! Am I looking at perhaps three different accounts? 1) The novels plus entertainment blog, 2) The cat website, 3) Copywriter …? It could get very, very interesting creating even MORE accounts for the different aspects of my writing and maintaining all of them.

I’d still like to clone myself, please. Or not have so many enticing projects I want to work on and heart-thumping ideas flooding my brain!

What do you think about this? When I launch my cat website (days), I want to broadcast to all my social networks everywhere but want to do so carefully and not come across too “in your face” with the announcement. Maybe I’m worrying about nothing. People broadcast everything under the sun to their peeps – from eating a pizza to getting their nails done to suggesting a place to party at! Anyone dealing with a similar situation?

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