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How’s that for the subject title line? Concerning criticism – I noticed I don’t give bad reviews very often. That covers movies, TV shows and books. I think for the most part, I’m able to see the entertainment in whatever I’m trying to be entertained by! Of course I don’t believe everything I watch or read to be a 5 star review…but even what I consider 3 and 4 star material I’m able to enjoy it without tearing it apart. What made me think of this criticism topic? Well – I subscribe to (but probably not for much longer) and receive emails from a person who covers/reviews/discusses movies. I rarely read the full articles, just skim over the opening sentences. I swear this person criticizes almost all the movies chosen for their articles! Anyway…

Near Sullivan, MO around 3 A.M.-ish this morning, an earthquake rattled people with a magnitude of 4.2. I live near St. Louis, MO but slept right through it! My husband “thinks” he felt a sensation that mildly woke him around that time.

It’s HOT! Like 95 – 98 degrees hot!!!

I am once again going to research the true meaning behind the “Lost” series finale. We were so disappointed and confused by the ending as we watched it on TV and are currently watching the DVD set we bought of the last season. We’re REALLY picking up clues – mostly verbal stuff – that I’m sure we didn’t catch the first time around…about death, dying, things aren’t what they seem, etc.  But even so, I’m still sitting on the couch scratching my head. It’s pretty bad, too, when I wake up the next morning and as I’m taking a shower I start re-hashing and trying to put together the pieces of Lost! Then my husband wakes up, waddles to the kitchen and announces he had a dream with Claire in it! Hmm…Well, anyway, those bonus features included with the set better do some major explaining!!

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