Conflicting Mythologies of Supernatural Beings

Paranormal, supernatural, urban fantasy, many young adult storylines…

The various and conflicting mythologies, legends and background “rules” of supernatural characters is exactly what keeps this genre of story so popular. For example, if I’m watching a movie with vampires or reading a book with werewolves, it’s so exciting to discover what “type” of creature the writer has created. Do the vampires burst into flame in the sun or merely get a sunburn or chill in a lawnchair with no ill effects? Can the werewolves shape shift whenever they want to or are they limited to a full moon? If demons are involved, what kind are they and what wacky, over-the-top feats can they perform? Any witches on hand? – What powers do they have, how far-reaching can their witchcraft or black magic alter people, places, things?

If all stories (books, TV shows, movies) stayed stuck in a rut using the same abilities, oddities and general mythology (example: vampires are hideous, blood-sucking, fearing the sun creatures) we’d be bored to death! Thank goodness writers are creative and willing to step out of the comfort zone/box to entertain us with a variety of storylines.

Bring on the baddies! The good guys (and gals) who beat the crap out of the baddies, we love you, too!

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