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Werewolf Series Paperbacks

Yeppie-doodle! The complete Werewolf Series is now available in print from Amazon. I realize few people buy physical books nowadays, but for those who do and want to hold these babies in your hot, little hands, well, go get ’em!

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THEY ARE LIVE!! Complete Werewolf Series

All four books in the Werewolf Series are now live everywhere… OK, maybe the print isn’t available at Amazon yet BUT IT WILL BE. I kinda figured anyone buying a paperback might just like it to be reviewed (proofed) by

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Formatting Nightmares! But, I’ll survive, because…

I’m too flipping excited with FOUR, count ’em, FOUR BOOKS due to be published within a week!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! So, formatting problems – be gone!   Many indie authors know where I’m coming from. You click on “compile” – which is supposed

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Holy Cow! My Brain is Ready to Explode! (This is a good thing…)

I have been typing my little fingers to the bones for months now! Let us recap: In November, I participated in the NaNoWriMo Challenge (write a 50,000+ word novel in 1 month). And I was a “winner”… along with many other

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Whew! New Author Site Done! (I think)

Well here we are now! I think this is the third (and hopefully final) time I’ve moved my author website to a new home over the last six years… now I’m on the platform and with a hosting package. Domain name is

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