Bad Distraction, Bad!

That title post doesn’t sound like I’ve lost my mind at all, does it? Distractions are my downfall. They come in numerous forms, including a stray cat making itself at home on my back porch.

But the biggie is the internet. It sucks me into a black hole and spits me out hours later, although it feels like only thirty minutes have passed. Social networking on the bazillion different sites I have accounts with is fun. But hogs up valuable time that I should be writing my next novel. Don’t get me wrong — I said I enjoy interacting with people plus it’s crucial for a writer to make others aware we and our books actually exist and would love readers to purchase them!! I simply (ha!) need to figure out how to do all that interacting/social networking/marketing and still have time to write a book. I have “fans” requesting when will the next book be available and I have no established, firm answer. Every time I set a goal, it gets shoved forward another month. Eeek!

I’m on Chapter 4 of my new series. It’s coming along, but slow. I tend to edit as I write. I’ve tried to let it flow onto the paper, fast and furious, and to come back later to revise. I can’t. Back to distractions…

So, I have tried mapping out blocks of time on certain days to write. You know, like a regular 5 day work week with 8 working hours per day. I have downloaded “timers” onto my computers. I set the timer for 30 minutes and do whatever I’m supposed to do during that time. I have two computers and am trying to use one for internetting and another for writing my books. I even moved the laptop to a different room, setting it up on a table as my workstation to write. I try to NOT visit all the different sites I have accounts with every single day. For example, MySpace (which isn’t very popular anymore) I visit every couple of days. The same thing with LinkedIn. I used to write movie articles for – I quit doing that as I didn’t think it was the most productive use of my time. I try to write one blog post per week instead of several. My emails — I try to delete, delete, delete all the extra stuff I don’t HAVE to read (I’m subscribed to all kinds of things). I try to keep my responses to emails and other messages shorter than what I used to (I tend to babble, can you tell?).

These are the majority of my actual examples I’m attempting to put into play to focus or allow more time to write! Are they working??? Some. But not every day. Like today.

Better go feed that stray cat now. She will hopefully find a new home soon (I’m working on it) and will be one less distraction for me :)~

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