All the Online Stores FINALLY have “Rocked” available! Plus Giveaway, Interview, Book Tour, Poems

At least all the online stores I’m dealing with…there are always additional ones, but these are the hot spots where my latest young adult, paranormal thriller can be found:

Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1

Amazon: Ebook for Kindle-click here
Amazon: Paperback-click here
iTunes/Apple iBookstore: Ebook-click here
Barnes & Noble: Ebook for Nook-click here
Kobo Ebookstore: Ebook-click here
Smashwords: Multiple Ebook Formats-click here
Sony Reader: click here


On my website, I’m offering a Giveaway where you can enter to win an ebook copy of “Rocked”. Entry is easy as typing in your email…and of course, other options let you spread the word about my books. The drawing will be on May 12, 2013, randomly chosen with the Rafflecopter Giveaway doo-dads.


On Wed., April 24 I will be the guest author interviewed by E.J. Stevens over at . I’m looking forward to seeing the interview, as she asked some interesting and different questions that were fun coming up with original answers. Some really made my ADHD brain think!


May 20 – 24: “Rocked” and I will be on a book blogger tour.

We will be highlighted at 22 different book blogging websites! Every site will offer an ebook giveaway to enter and it will vary what happens at each site. Interviews, excerpts, reviews of “Rocked”, me doing a guest post, etc. VERY exciting! When that week arrives, I will blog WHERE the book tour stops are and links to find them.


I am offering a short compilation of poems I wrote as a teenager (5 of the less vomit-inducing ones out of 60+ I have scribbled in a notebook) plus a recent poem I wrote after my dad died a few weeks ago. Just a little something free for those who sign up for my newsletter. Don’t freak. Email addresses kept private and I plan to only email a newsletter a few times a YEAR – just to send out updates such as this and when new novels are “born”!! But since peeps are leery of newsletters, I thought I’d give you something personal of mine…the poems…kinda like a plate of cookies as an incentive! (Newsletter link here)

That is all! 


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