‘Alcatraz’-Will it be Canceled? Plus Other Favorites

I’m so sick and tired of many of the shows I start to watch getting dropped, cancelled, kicked to the curb, whatever you’d like to call it. This seems to be a recurring theme for me over the last few years.

I thought ‘Alcatraz’ was doing very well. It appears to have started out strong and kept losing steam = viewers every week! And of course last night’s 2 hour episode – the season finale (possibly the SERIES finale) – was a total cliffhanger! My head has been exploding going over what happened last night and what the scenes and clues might have meant to the storyline.

Here’s an article I’m sharing about ‘Alcatraz’ and its possible cancellation.
Alcatraz: to be canceled or renewed for season two? | canceled or renewed TV shows | TV Series Finale

Another one I watched and it HAS been canceled already is ‘Terra Nova’. Another cliffhanger…

I’ve read that ‘Fringe’ is not looking good for a renewal. At least I got a few years out of that one!

I also watch: ‘Are You There, Chelsea’, ‘Ringer’, and ‘Whitney’, which are all NOT looking good according to TV Guide. And those were all new 2011-2012 shows.

I’ve listed quite a few shows if you think about it. I have several others I watch, too, that thankfully will be renewed or are “looking good”.

Several of the listed shows, I admit, I was wary of dedicating myself to them, week after week, with concern that I’d really get into them just to have them be canceled. Hmm, seems like I was right, although I haven’t actually heard the final outcomes for all of them yet. Maybe several will survive.

Maybe I just need to watch movies and read more books. And WRITE more books!!

2 comments on “‘Alcatraz’-Will it be Canceled? Plus Other Favorites
  1. Allison says:

    Me too. I guess I like the shows few others do. 🙁 Endgame, for one. And then there was The Playboy Club which only lasted 3 episodes. 😐

    I agree with you about the movies and books! It’s hard to be emotionally invested in stories without definite plotlines and endings. And yet I still watch them. Sigh.

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