Acting out scenes in my book

Yes, I do actually get off my chair and act out a few of the physical scenes in my novels. These tend to be fighting segments or figuring out where and how characters need to be standing, who’s looking at who, etc. My husband is handy during some of those times when I need to step-by-step play out the motions of the characters. I’ll read him the portion of the book that contains the scene HE needs to be able to picture in his mind, which means if he can see it like a movie playing out, then my readers should be able to, too. Then I’ll pretend I’m a particular character and how they should be moving through their motions in the portion of the story I just read to my husband. He stands there, hopefully nodding his head “yes” that he can “see” it or adds his suggestions. Especially with the fight sequences. I haven’t been widely known for my kick-buttedness, like say Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so there are those times when writing  my stories that “some assembly is required.” 🙂

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