A Liebster Blog Award

A Blogging Award!

I have been gifted a Liebster Blog Award by Carrie Sorensen of Chasing Revery. How exciting to post this and the images below! Thanks Carrie!

Liebster means “dearest” in German and Google says it means “favorite”…put it all together and it’s an award for a dearest or favorite blog. That is mighty nice!

The broader idea behind receiving a Liebster Blog Award is to pick about 5 other bloggers who are up and coming with less than 200 followers and pass the award on to them…a little networking to draw attention to everyone’s blog!

**My thoughts (free to share): People are super busy with their lives including any writing/marketing projects. I understand 100% and respect this. So no one should feel obligated to do this and no one should get upset if someone they send this to doesn’t participate. Personally, I am happy to recommend other great blogs by a variety of authors plus this makes an interesting post for my own blog!** J
These are the “original rules”:
1. Thank the giver who gave the award to you and link back to their blog.
2. Reveal your top five picks for bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog with your posting similar to this.
Hopefully the people you’ve sent the award to will forward it to their five favorite bloggers and keep it going!
My top blog picks are further down the page…

**If you have won this award already, that’s awesome! I’m still keeping you as a blog to check out!**

NOTE: ABOVE, I posted what I believe to be (after researching online) the original rules for the Liebster Blog Award and found an additional image. But when Carrie sent ME the award, the rules had several (fun) changes added to them, which she was simply following the suggestions from the person who sent HER the award. I have that alternate version BELOW. My suggestion for those I give the Liebster Blog Award to (if you are interested in participating), is to choose whichever option you have time to work on.
So, you have either the original/short version posted aboveor the longer version below with the additional steps (which do take much more time). If you are short on time but like the concept, just follow the original rules above and do not worry about the extra steps below!! If you want to get more elaborate, like I did, then choose the following:
These are the “alternate rules” (longer option):

1. Thank the giver who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Reveal your top 11 picks for blogs/bloggers (this version–no limits on how many followers they have).
3. Copy and paste the award image on your blog with your own posting similar to this, making your own changes as necessary.
4. Share 11 facts about yourself.
5. Answer the 11 questions sent to you.
6. Come up with your own 11 questions for the next round of people who you give the award to…and they can choose to answer if they wish.
7. Then pass on the award to those 11 bloggers you’ve picked by leaving a comment on their blogabout the award you’re giving them. Include your link back to your blog…so they can see what this is all about.

Passed Award to These 11 Bloggers –

1) Nighthawk Short Fiction  – A BLOG dedicated to the art of short story writing in the areas of surreal and imaginative fiction in the tradition of The Twilight Zone.
2) Dana’s Blah Blah Blog – Fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal writing, paranormal investigations, travel and desert musings.
3) SK Yule– Paranormal Romance Writer – a little bit of everything from writing/author links, paranormal, erotica and contemporary romance excerpts to random thoughts on many different subjects.
4) Beth Fehlbaum Books – a writer, teacher, survivor of childhood sexual abuse, manager of an eating disorder, and advocate of those who have not yet found their voices. I write contemporary YA fiction and interview other authors.
5) CHASTITY’S PLACE -Erotic and Romantic interviews, reviews, and blog posts by author Chastity Bush.
6) Nicole Zoltack – writes fantasy, paranormal, horror, romance, historical (medieval), contemporary; for adults, YA, MG, and PBs; novels, short stories, and flash pieces.
7) Cheryl Bradshaw Books – A Place to Embrace our Love of Books…where Cheryl blogs about books and all things Cheryl.
8) Aric Mitchell – horror genre–slashers, monster movies, twist endings, and anything else that goes bump in the night.
9) Karly Kirkpatrick – Young Adult Author in a Paranormal World.
10) Self Publish or Die – Create Your Dreams, Emily Walker.
11) Writing with Kristine Cayne – Twisted secrets, extreme passions, and deadly desires.


11 Facts About Me
1. I’m an only child. I guess that’s what they still call it. No brothers, no sisters. Very bored as a teenager during summer vacations, staying home by myself.
2. I have a sweet tooth. Mmmm…chocolate, pies, cakes, cookies. But I do not bake anything. And try not to buy much of the high-calorie stuff.
3. I have a tortoiseshell cat named Jessie, after Jessica Alba.
4. I don’t particularly care for westerns – movies, books, etc.
5. When my hair was cut super short my high school freshman year, I did NOT ask for it. The beautician did “her own thing.” I cried.
6. I do not have one single houseplant. And I don’t do any gardening.
7. My husband and I would like to move to Montana.
8. I cut my own hair and have for most of my adult life. (I am a licensed beautician, although no longer practicing as of 2 years ago.)
9. I have no idea how to use a sewing machine.
10. I broke my collarbone in 8th grade (or was it 7th?) while playing “keep away” with a ball and several other kids…another girl (my size) rammed into me and I fell to the ground…was unconscious a few seconds…came to and discovered my collarbone was broken.
11. I am a full-time author and writer. No other jobs…at least for now. I’ve published two young adult, paranormal thrillers. Am also a web writer and prepping to offer desktop marketing.

Carrie’s 11 Questions for ME-

1) What is your favorite movie from the 1950’s or before?
“The Wizard of Oz”
2) Which band do you most wish would come back after ‘disappearing’ or retiring?
Journey is the first that came to mind.
3) What is your favorite book that you don’t think many people would know?
“Draculas” by Konrath, Crouch, Strand, & Wilson
4) What song is stuck in your head right now? (Because you know I just put one there – sorry.)
“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey
5) How many animals do you have? How many do you wish you had?
One cat. No more.
6) What is your favorite type of cookie?
Macadamia Nut (but give me any type & I’ll devour it).
7) What place do you never want to go back to because it’s so perfect in your mind you don’t want to ruin it?
Our Kansas road trip. Many interesting places, believe it or not, for Kansas! But no need to return.
8) How many paces from your computer place to the fridge?
8 paces.
9) Did you actually have to count, or did you already know?
Turned, looked at floor and started estimating a foot length at a time to the fridge.
10) How old were you when you no longer believed in Santa Claus?
Young…about 1stgrade.
11) Did someone spill the beans or did you figure it out on your own?
The teenage babysitter told me.


My 11 Questions –

1) Coke or Pepsi?
2) Pizza or Chinese Food?
3) Vampires or Werewolves?
4) Have you ever gone to Comic-Con or something similar?
5) Favorite TV shows?
6) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?
7) Name one pet peeve.
8) Do you like to cook?
9) Do you live in a big city, medium sized city or small town?
10) Do you normally go to the theater to watch movies or wait till they come out on DVD?
11) What’s your favorite type of music to listen to?

Whew! This wiped me out, but I feel a huge sense of accomplishment in my networking ability and making connections. Hooray J
11 comments on “A Liebster Blog Award
  1. rhuneke says:

    Thanks much, Gina! Once I get more bloggers on my site I hope to do a blog rating myself! In the meantime I just had 2 of my short stories posted on http://www.shortnscarystories.com. Feel free to have a look if you like. Hope others will check it out too!


  2. Dana Davis says:

    Thank you, Gina! I’ll get to this by the end of the week. Movers deliver our stuff today so I can get back to a somewhat normal life very soon. =D

  3. I’m sorry about your hair cut. Is that what inspired you to become a beautician? I only ever cried when my great-grandmother decided I needed another perm. *shudder*

    • Hmmm, probably. But after many years of “doing hair”, I sold my shop in June 2010. Now I’m “doing the writing thing” 🙂 Miss seeing a lot of the customers, but do NOT miss owning the shop & me having to take care of everything (doing hair, secretary, cleaning, accountant, grass cutter!!).

  4. Emily Walker says:

    Thank you so much! I will try to get to this ASAP!! <3 Emily

    • Emily – Thanks! Choose whichever you have time to do! The longer version was super fun, made a great blog entry, & offered my readers some added info about me, but it did take many HOURS to accomplish!

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