5 Star Reviews; Grandpa’s Comment

Woohoo! Unknown Scent-Werewolf Series-Book 2 has several 5 star reviews on both Amazon and B&N! Love it! If you’re reading this and still haven’t gotten the book, I am going to beat you with a wet noodle!

On a less visual thought, my 83 year old Grandpa has read both books in my Werewolf Series. How strange! He commented yesterday that he had to stop reading Book 2 for a few weeks because he couldn’t handle his granddaughter having to go through all that stuff…I paused & thought about what the heck he was talking about and then replied, “The girl in the books is NOT ME!! The character may have some of my quirks but also some of my husband’s personality plus other traits I picked up from who knows where!”  He said he knew that…but it still “sounded” like me “talking” in the story. Isn’t that wild?!

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