5 Star Reviews for Unknown Scent!

Several 5 star reviews are posted at Amazon for my book Unknown Scent-Werewolf Series-Book 2.
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Here’s the latest:

Review by Patricia Foltz of Way2Kool Reviews

Unknown Scent is about a werewolf Daniel, a vampire Josiah, a psychic Kara, who has the ability to manipulate someone’’s mind, and her best friend Dominic who also is a psychic along with telekinetic powers. They all have the power to talk to each other through telepathy. Daniel is Kara’’s boyfriend and Dom is also in love with Kara. Kara is considering the idea of becoming a werewolf. Dominic is totally against it.

Together they are part of the Liaison team, a group of beings and human people who take care of the evil in the world, funded by a scientist name Eli. In this series they are after black magic witches who are trying to raise a demon. Daniel and his pack were cursed back in 1693 by black magic witches and have sworn revenge.

This book was such an exciting read. I wish I had read the first book and can’’t wait to read the next one. We all think of werewolves and vampires as being evil murderers, but not so in this story. The author Gina Marie Long has made them into the good guys who hurt, love and care just like the rest of us humans.

If you like the author Laurell Hamilton and the Anita Blake series then you will love Gina Marie Long and the Werewolf Series. I could see this as a television series, where the Liaison team go out each week and fight evil. I think it would be original and an exciting show to watch. And original is something we need on television.

If I could I would give 6 stars. Best read of the year so far, and I have read a lot of good books this year.

Additional comments from Cindy Evans:
I really like this story. Even if you didn’’t read the first book in the series you were able to understand what is going on. The writer really pulls you into the story and makes you feel for the characters. I can’’t wait for the next book to come out in the series.

Now isn’t that so cool?!?! I LOVE these reviews! Tears in my eyes again!!

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