Month: July 2013

Why Do We Love Our Pets So Much?

If you have a cat or dog or any other kind of pet, I’m sure you can relate to this fun, heartwarming post. Admit it. You really do love your pet, don’t you? He/she is a part of your family.

“Dracula” Coming This Fall – Will You Watch?

I originally poo-pooed the notion of watching this new television show due out in the fall. I love my vampires, werewolves, witches and other demon-y things that belong to the world of the supernatural. But…another show about vampires? Would the

I Need A Teen Wolf Refresher Course, Please

My memory sucks. And my comprehension is sometimes sluggish. I love MTV’s “Teen Wolf”, but I feel I need a refresher course on the show’s story lines. I find myself sitting on the couch, scrunching my face and tilting my

What Summer TV Shows Are YOU Watching?

During the summer months I do not watch nearly as many TV shows as I do in the fall/winter season. This is likely true for you, too. I always have mixed feelings when all my favorite fall/winter programs air their