Whew! New Author Site Done! (I think)

Well here we are now! I think this is the third (and hopefully final) time I’ve moved my author website to a new home over the last six years… now I’m on the WordPress.org platform and with a hosting package. Domain name is still the same…  www.ginamarielong.com

It’s still very possible I have some dead links, probably within older blog posts which were imported here, and that have internal links pointing to other pages on my old site.

I made the conversion “live”… and I apologize to anyone who may have popped in here and it looked like a complete, disaster struck! Gee – no stress there! Not.too-much-staring-at-the-screen-today_l

I’ve tried to streamline my Menu at the top and generally clean things up everywhere in order to give the site a more professional look… while still allowing my personality to show through and offering great information to the readers!

I paused for several days in my writing so I could put this author site together. I actually LOVE creating websites and have made quite a few (ex.: Cats The Boss, My Web Writing Site). 

I’ll return to furiously tapping away on my laptop on the third book in The Werewolf Series – Unknown Taste.  I know, I know… it’s taking longer than I thought to finish, but it is close to being completed. It’s just been crazy trying to figure out an “escape” with a massive security system in place, how “someone” will die, if “something” supernatural should happen to a main character, and other things I can’t possibly tell you or else I’ll spoil the book for you!

Once this book is totally complete (including editing and formatting), then I’ll go through the process of FIRST re-publishing the first two books in the series: Unknown Touch and Unknown Scent. They have both been heavily revised, but nothing with the story has changed for those who’ve read them and don’t want to re-purchase the new editions. Both have new covers, too. Then, after those two are published, I’ll get the NEW book, Unknown Taste, published for the first time.

The new covers on the first two are already posted at my BOOKS page!!! So exciting! The third book’s cover is done, too, but I’ve gotta leave something to hold back and tease you with!!

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More exciting things are coming soon, including something FREE! Stay tuned!



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