Werewolf Series Paperbacks

Yeppie-doodle! The complete Werewolf Series is now available in print from Amazon. I realize few people buy physical books nowadays, but for those who do and want to hold these babies in your hot, little hands, well, go get ’em!

Prices are inexpensive, too, since I have some control over that as the publisher now. The first three are $8.00 each and the last one is a mere $6.00. Just so readers understand… I, personally, make very little per print book. Not even $1.00… heck, barely 50 cents a book. But since few readers will actually buy print, that’s okay with me. You get a great deal 🙂



You want direct links to the paperbacks at Amazon? OK, here you go:

Unknown Touch: Werewolf Series, 1

Unknown Scent: Werewolf Series, 2

Unknown Taste: Werewolf Series, 3

Hunt of the Unknown: Werewolf Series Novella



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