THEY ARE LIVE!! Complete Werewolf Series

All four books in the Werewolf Series are now live everywhere…
Werewolf Series

OK, maybe the print isn’t available at Amazon yet BUT IT WILL BE. I kinda figured anyone buying a paperback might just like it to be reviewed (proofed) by my own two eyes first, so I’m banging my head on the wall  patiently waiting for their arrival on my doorstep sometime this coming week. I will drool on them, rub my hands over the covers in awe, wave them triumphantly in the air above my head while running around the outside of the house like a maniac and hope the neighbors don’t stare, and then determine if they are truly fine and dandy for publication. Assuming they are, THEN, I tell Amazon’s CreateSpace I “APPROVE” and they’ll do all the magic to offer them up for sale.

What a freaking ordeal! FOUR books all at one time! I’m still pulling pieces of my brain off the keyboard.

The Werewolf Series page on my site tells you everything you need to know, including: images, synopsis, links to online stores to purchase, excerpts…

AND the first one is FREE!!!!!! Did you read that?! Unknown Touch: Werewolf Series, 1 — FREE!! So for those who might’ve bought the first/original edition, you can pick up the new, shiny version for nothing! And for those who’ve never read it, yippee – read it for FREE and see how you like my story!

ALSO, in case you haven’t noticed on my website (like directly on my home page & scattered throughout the site), you have a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to nab up the brand new Hunt of the Unknown: Werewolf Series Novella for FREE if you sign up for my VIP Readers’ Group (maybe once a month you’ll get an email update from me about new books, etc.-that’s it). You can click on the image below, too. 🙂




Let’s not forget about Unknown Scent. It’s been completely revised and sports a new cover (just like the first book-Unknown Touch-revised and new cover).

AND, the long-awaited, first time published, third book in the series: Unknown Taste. This is a brand new book. I just finished writing it in May. Lots of action with our favorite characters shoved into tight spots.

So, for you, if you play your cards right, two of the four books are free.

And for me, that means I need to get back to writing another novel so I can pay the bills!

Happy reading!!!!



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4 Comments on “THEY ARE LIVE!! Complete Werewolf Series

  1. i’m delighted to learn that there will be a print version as it’s definitively what i prefer

    i was told about your series and the first book being free so i wanted to try it but unfortunately amazon didn’t make it free for international so except if they suddenly change that i will have to wait the print book

    still thank you a lot for the opportunity to discover your series

  2. I enjoyed all four of the “unknown” books. I could not wait to read the next in the series. I would be interested in more stories about the Liason team and any satellite teams. The characters are interesting and you care about what happens to them. The story lines have nice twists and outcomes.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for the wonderful comments on my books! I love hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed them. There won’t be any further stories in The Werewolf Series (Unknown books). I might have have a spin-off with the vampire Josiah, though. Please leave a review wherever you received the books from (Amazon, etc.)… without reviews, my books become invisible. THANKS!