Holy Cow! My Brain is Ready to Explode! (This is a good thing…)


I have been typing my little fingers to the bones for months now! Let us recap:

In November, I participated in the NaNoWriMo Challenge (write a 50,000+ word novel in 1 month). And I was a “winner”… along with many other writers! The Reaper’s Cat was born and in late February it was published with one rockin’ cover!

January through part of March, I completely revised the first two books in the Werewolf Series: Unknown Touch and Unknown Scent. And have new covers for them, as well. I set them aside to publish later… as I wrote the final book in the series (sort of), titled Unknown Taste… and set it aside, too.

Because… I realized I wanted to offer something for FREE to readers, something of value, and a way to let new readers get a feel for my writing. plus a way for me to reach out to readers whenever I run sales, promotions, giveaways, and have new books released. I wrote a novella set in the Werewolf Series World, titled Hunt of the Unknown. As of today, I am waiting pulling my hair out patiently for the new cover to arrive.  For an undetermined amount of time, this novella will be a FREE download when you subscribe to my New Releases Newsletter (likely only sent a few times a YEAR – I think anyone can handle that!). Currently, I do NOT have the newsletter setup to send the free novella, because, well, everything isn’t ready yet. The HOME PAGE of my site will announce when that benefit is available.

Once I have this last book cover, things kick into HIGH gear. Everything is a domino effect. Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) will be sent to Reviewers, new pages on the website need created, administrative/marketing stuff needs finalized, final formatting for FOUR books needs completed, Goodreads Giveaway prepped, everything to do with the publishing process needs finished, and the promotional chatter begins.

The LAUNCH DATE is (tentatively) planned for Sat., August 1, 2015. For all four books. Yes. Four!! The entire Werewolf Series will be made available… no more worries for readers wondering if the whole series is already published or if they have to wait and wait and wait for me to finish a book. It will be complete. *doing a little dance now*

And now to leave you with the descriptions of the two new books:

Unknown Taste: Werewolf Series, 3

Kara has one month to gain control of her new abilities and focus her unstable mind before The Liaison’s next mission. All of her senses, including psychic powers, are on overdrive and her sanity is at stake. Kara’s werewolf boyfriend, Daniel, and others help her embrace the changes… Evil beware. At a secret lab in St. Louis, werewolves and vampires undergo horrific experiments. The goal: free the captives and shut down the lab… forever. Skills are tested when Kara and her friends encounter traps and hostile opponents. Helping others gives her life greater meaning, but will her actions prove heroic or futile as she delves deeper into the unknown?

Hunt of the Unknown: Werewolf Series Novella

An evil, psychopathic werewolf escaped from captivity and is hell-bent on seeking revenge. He targets Jill, a human, who knows nothing of supernatural beings. With her life at stake, Jill learns the secrets her parents kept hidden. Her future is uncertain with an enraged werewolf hot on her heels – will he abduct her or kill her? Or both? In an odd twist, Jill turns to other werewolves for help and protection. Xander vows to keep her safe… and their feelings for each other grow. But, falling in love with a werewolf has complications when you’re a human. Although Jill is terrified throughout the chaos, Xander stands by her side as her protector. She never backs away from learning new skills, never gives up and prepares to play her own mind games against the evil werewolf. They have a plan… He’s a killer and he must be stopped. Besides hunting Jill, he’s brought too much attention to the area with his violence. The existence of werewolves needs to remain hidden from society… they need to remain the Unknown.
(This novella is set in the world of The Werewolf Series. It is a stand-alone, with new characters, but the events and timeline follow the third book, Unknown Taste.)



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