Formatting Nightmares! But, I’ll survive, because…

I’m too flipping excited with FOUR, count ’em, FOUR BOOKS due to be published within a week!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! So, formatting problems – be gone!



Many indie authors know where I’m coming from. You click on “compile” – which is supposed to make the manuscript pretty for ebooks (and print – which is even worse!) – and then you check the results. And frown upon discovering goofy crap; such as, paragraph indentations are off, interior images display a big white blank area, the Table of Contents is messed up… Then you go back and fix the errors and hit compile again. And scream… because although most of the mistakes have been fixed, the .epub version (for Nooks, etc.) STILL doesn’t show images when you check it in the ebook previewer.

Needless to say, after about eight hours messing with all of this, I’ve won the battle. The ebook version has been uploaded to Amazon KDP and Draft2Digital (for B&N, iTunes/Books, Kobo, etc.). Of course, that was only the first book. I have three more to go. Before next Saturday. And I’ve done publishing twice before! But software keeps changing, and what I’m including inside the books has evolved, and I’ve never added interior graphics to my books in the past – which was the biggest problem I had to deal with. The graphic offers a FREEBIE, BTW.

Here’s the first book. It’s a second edition, completely revised, new cover. So, for those who’ve read the first in this series, none of the story has been changed. Don’t freak. It’s just been spiffed up to make for better quality reading  🙂


And for those who have not read the book, well, in one week you can… FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Amazon should hopefully show it as free on 8/1, but if not that day, the next. The timing on publishing four books is nuts. It will show as free on other sites, which triggers Amazon to also match the price – free. And if you HAVE read the book, you should be able to download this new edition for free and squeal with delight.

And don’t forget how important reviews are for authors! Anyone who reads any of my books, I would SO appreciate you going to Amazon and leaving a short and simple review. Reviews help make the books be “noticed”. I also randomly select reviewers to receive the next published book for free.

Okay. These books won’t publish themselves. Gotta go!



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